Michael Thomas

Michael Thomas is an aspiring cinematographer with an obsession for the cinematic aesthetic.

Welcome to my page! A little bit about me: When I'm not dancing around my apartment to whatever top 40 song is playing, I am staring at lamps and windows like a weirdo. It's not because I have an strange obsession with interior design, but I am instead observing light and how it paints the room from whichever source. I am a cinematic enthusiast, with certain aesthetic taste. Cinematography, and visual storytelling is my passion. I hope you enjoy these select works!

Feel free to leave a comment or critique. Every day and every shot is a step furthering my visual palette!

Awards & Accolades

  • Best Director Award, Black Warrior Film Festival - Traces (2015)

  • Short Film Corner Selection, 2015 Cannes Film Festival - Traces (2015)

  • Best Screenplay, Birmingham Museum of Art: Alabama Shorts Festival - Traces (2015)

  • Top 4 Jury Award, Campus MovieFest University of Alabama - Traces (2015)

  • Campus Moviefest Top 16 - The Disconnect (2014)

  • Achievement in Special Effects - The Disconnect (2014)

  • Campus Moviefest Top 16 - Repression (2013)