Avenue is the story of Michelle Pritchard, a young woman who has always had dreams of being an artist. However, any idea of a future is blurred as she takes care of her drunken father while they both deal with the loss of Michelle's mother. We follow Michelle as she struggles the choice of leaving her life behind, and staying close with her brother, or enduring her father for one more day.

Conceived through writing workshops at the University of Alabama and formed over read-throughs in Los Angeles, CA, Avenue was later shot over a five-day period in Tuscaloosa, Alabama on location. It's completion is due to the successful crowd-sourcing done in a Kickstarter campaign in December 2014. The film stars Bailey Blaise-Mariea, Jon Headrick, and Brent Jones with Original songs by Raving Wild and Graham Iddon.

Crew members include:

Michael Thomas, Director & Cinematographer; Danny Ryan, 1st AD; Ellen Schwartz, Editor; John Wachs, 1st AC and Camera Operator; Tanner Robbins, Gaffer; Stephen Thomason, Production Designer; Stephen Thomley, Sound Mixer; Katie Tygielski, Boom Operator.

Film Stills: