Retrograde follows the story of two men who accidentally meet five years after their separation. This story takes aim at how memories can be attached to material objects, but how they are also powerful enough to cause such an emotional response no matter how long they have been forgotten.

Made for the first year of the MFA program at UCLA, Retrograde was shot over a three-day period in Lake Arrowhead, California. The film features actors Damian Sandolo and James Tabeek.

Crew members include:

Michael Thomas, Director; Lesley Elizondo, Director of Photography; Hanadi Elyan, 1st AD; Amber Ha, 1st AC; Farah Shaer, Gaffer; Stephen Thomason, Production Designer; Mitch Bradford, Sound Mixer; Jonathan Millet, Boom Operator; Mercedes Stanfield, Costume Designer; Nathan Bennett, Catering.

Film Stills: