Traces tells the story of a young boy, in search for his sister after he is separated from her because of a violent storm. During his journey through the storm's destruction, the young boy comes across different "Traces" of other victims. These tokens spark visual memories of these victims, and push the young boy to seek out his sister.

Traces was formed over months preceding the annual Campus Movie Fest at the University of Alabama. The film was shot, edited, and completed over a seven-day period in the cities of Tuscaloosa and Birmingham, Alabama. 

Traces went on to win Campus Movie Fest at the University of Alabama, and went on to compete on the national level at CMF Hollywood. Other accolades include Best Director at the 2015 Black Warrior Film Festival, and Best Screenplay at the 2015 Alabama Shorts Competition

Crew members include:

Michael Thomas, Director, Editor, and Cinematographer; Tiana Constance Raimist, Actress; Joseph Raimist, Actor; Lauren Rossi, Production Design; Anthony Baroody, Boom Operator; Andrew Sbrissa, Katie Tygielski, Audio Mixer. Other Crew: Tanner Robbins, Patrick Maddox.

Film Stills: